Love from Macabi a Cigar Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Engagement from Fort Lauderdale Cigar Bar MacabiCigar bars in Fort Lauderdale aren’t typically known for love.

Dating and relationships are not what Macabi Cigars is known for. A good smoke and smooth drink are the calling cards of this Fort Lauderdale Cigar Bar located at 1221 E Las Olas Blvd. Occasionally regular patrons share a love of fine cigars and that can lead places neither expected.

Pat smiles, “I know quite a bit about relationships but I try not to give advice. While I consider myself a keen observer of people, mostly I stay out of my customer’s personal lives.”

Three years ago at the suggestion of a coworker Joan Rossi decided to try the Macabi Cigar Bar on Las Olas. She loved the atmosphere, familiar and warm. “I had started smoking cigars on a trip to Hawaii in 2006” she recalls “my father enjoyed a good cigar and the more I understood them the more I appreciated.” What she didn’t know is that she was about to meet the love of her life.

Robert Moore travels often with his business but consistently touches base with Pat at Macabi Cigar. Raised on Long Island, Bob considered his cigar hobby a leisure activity to mainly share with his golfing buddies. When he was introduced to Joan they immediately hit it off. “It never really crossed my mind that I might share this part of my life with someone that I was attracted to.” What brand was she smoking? “A Drew Estate Chateau Real Cristales, she commented on the constant coffee and caramel flavors.” They talked late into the night and found other interests they shared.

Could marriage come for a Fort Lauderdale Cigar Bar?

After dating for 8 months Bob decided to pop the question. What better place to ask Joan to marry him than Macabi Cigar, the place where they met. They had dinner at Tuscan Grill and sauntered down to Macabi where they enjoyed a glass of wine. As they choose their cigars, Pat presented the 2 carat custom engagement ring on the tip of Joan’s cigar and Bob got down on his knee to propose. The entire crowd cheered as she said “yes!”

Now Macabi is part of their life together. “If there is one thing I have learned it is that you can meet the person you’re going to marry anywhere at any time. I don’t believe in formulas like you will never meet someone at bar, don’t date online or put yourself out there.” Joan and Bob know that the most important thing in a relationship is that you have similar goals and interests, and if it burns light it up.

Fort Lauderdale Cigar Bar Marriage
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Cigar Bar Fort Lauderdale

Live in Fort Lauderdale? Looking for a Great Cigar Bar?

Things you will be looking for is probably selection, location, atmosphere, and all around good time.

Whether you live in  Fort Lauderale area or are visiting, Macabi Cigar Bar is the best place to go for a huge selection of Cigars and Liquors. Fine cigars and a great selection of inexpensive local blends and imports. Macabi located in Fort Lauderdale.

Visit our Cigar Bars located in Plantation Florida which is West Fort Lauderdale.

Macabi Plantation sits at the heart of the stylish newly designed Fountains located conveniently off of 595 just  north on university.


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